Friday, September 5, 2008

The Group Must Go On

Thursday again. Another long trip to the mall. It wasn't as difficult this time. The Lord blessed me with three songs that said, "I love you. I'm here. I understand."
What a great big wonderful God He is!

Courtney and I had a great conversation before group tonight. (Last night? What day is it?)
She described to me a fantastically decorated house. From the elaborate gardens to the intricate stained glass windows with an outer space motif, it represented a creative mind unfettered by well, anything.

Question and writing exercise:
If you had unlimited funds, how would you express you creativity?

Does anyone else have a writing exercise they would like to present?

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Jen said...

My creative world:
a cottage - small - with fireplace and big overstuffed chairs that I can snuggle in. the cottage would be in alaska where it's cold a lot so i could light the fire and wear slipper socks all the time. there would be abstract art all around me - i especially like Dahli and Magrete - I like paintings that I can stare at for hours and always find something new that I hadn't noticed. artists could come and go in my creative cottage. the visual artist is splashing paint on one of the walls, the musicians are in the sound proof studio having a jam session, the writers are on the top floor near the fireplace looking out of the big picture windows at the brilliance of the stars at night or the majestic mountains in the day. we are all wearing flannel jammies and slipper socks. the kettle is always on the stove, come in and have some hot chocolate, tea, coffee, with us!