Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The Challenge
For the past 2 weeks or so I have been pounding away at my keyboard, trying to reach my goal of 50,000 words for the month of November. My current word count is 21,115. I have procrastinated and now I must write at least 5,000 words a day in order to make my goal. It takes me approximately one hour to write 2,000 words if I write nonstop.

The story
Two teenagers - Sam and Zoe stumble upon a box filled with their late mother's journals. They dive into her writings and discover a woman they never knew. Unlike her conservative adult years, her college days were replete with sex, drugs, and rock and roll. As their father continues to ignore them and drown his sorrows in a bottle of scotch, the siblings ban together as they travel down their mother's dark and bumpy road to hope and healing.

It started as a coherent thought. I was very excited about the beginning. On day one, it just flowed. Now, weeks later, it resembles something a preschooler might turn in as a first draft. I haven't gone back to re-read the entire thing and I dare not - it might be my undoing.

Nevertheless, I am thrilled to have a goal to push toward. Be silent self-editor! I have no use for you. Writing so rapidly has been a very freeing experience. I can now stop slogging through the muck of edit-as-I-go. I am able to fly above it and zoom through the clear air. Will you spread your wings and come on up with me?

Has the Lord been encouraging you in your writing lately? How so?

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