Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let your I.E. DIE

Is murder okay if you're just killing that voice in your head? Kathleen Y'Barbo, an author of more than 3o published works, thinks so.
Inside each writer, just to the left of the creativity spot and wedged tight against the spot where logic meets magic, is another sort of editor. This editor is mean, nasty, critical, opinionated, and the worst enemy your manuscript ever had. Okay, some of you may have met a few human ones who display these characteristics as well. I assure you, however, there is not a single editor alive – or no longer with us – who can do more harm to your writing than I. E., aka. your Internal Editor.
She goes on to describe the I.E. and some of its more diabolical friends: the Research Junkie, the Perfectionist, and the Squiggly Red Line.

So, who is your writing nemesis? Mine is the Snoozing Lullaby, the one who says I can sleep in for just a few minutes more, and all I'd be losing is my time to write. He's been winning the battle this past week, but I'm in the mood to spill some blood, at least of the imaginary kind.


Encouraged In Heart said...

Yes, my I.E needs to DIE!

Still asking God to help me release fully and write truly, the words He desires.

My I.E is tied all up in my pride and needless to say, that's not a good thing.

THANK GOD for His generous grace and mercy! Thanks for the pick me up!

Jimmy said...

Fortunately, I haven't had to deal w/ IE so much (I even looked at a scene just after I wrote it, realized it needed some major changes, but said to myself, "Let it be for now. Working on writing your ideas out, first).

So while IE was last spotted being carried away by Guido and his thugs, I do have to admit that I've made acquaintance w/ Igti ("I'll get to it.") and his sidekick Igmitt D ("I've got more important things to do.").

There is hope for me, though. Yes, it is true that I have been insanely busy lately...BUT...I'm spending 30 hours of this month manning the reception desk here at YWAM Coatesville (part of which time is being spent as I type). This means I will have a ton of time to focus on the projects I've given myself, and that means that Igti and his sidekick's faces will probably soon be in pictures accompanied w/ the words, "Have you seen me?"