Saturday, August 23, 2008

Man, I Feel Like a Writer

What are the silly (or not so silly) quirky (or not so quirky) things that you do to make yourself feel like a writer?

I love to buy pens and notebooks - it might be considered an addiction. The pens I actually use, the notebooks, um, well, I'm going to fill them up - really.

My desk is piled with books, papers, pens, notebooks, etc. I used to be a neat freak, but now I'm embracing my cluttered habits (thank you Shae). It's creative clutter to inspire me and help me feel like I'm actually working.

Going to a coffee shop to write makes me feel like a writer. Sitting outside b/c a writer loves the fresh air, drinking an iced mocha with no whip b/c that's what a writer would drink. Slouching in a not so comfortable, but looks comfortable position b/c that's what a writer looks like when she is really into her work. Letting my emotions pour into my writing so that I don't mind if people stare at me when I laugh out loud or begin to cry as I write.

I talk to myself constantly. Sometimes I answer too. And, I like it.

Right now I'm drinking tea from a mason jar b/c I think it's weird and fun and something that only a very eccentric writer would do. Is it redundant to say eccentric writer ? Are there normal ones out there?

Anyone else care to share?

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Jim said...

Jim looks at the mason jar half-full of green tea sitting next to his keyboard...
...and smiles and takes a sip.