Monday, March 23, 2009

Daily Promptings

A few days ago, I came across (through a site called Plinky. Despite the strange name, it offers something wonderful to writers: a new topic--or "prompts"--every day. If you're stuck or just wanting something to stir your inspiration, check out the prompts. Here are the prompts for the last five days, to give you a taste:
  • List five things to do before you die.
  • Engineers are getting closer to the dream of the flying car. How would you sell one of these if you were an auto dealer?
  • What gadget is at the top of your wish list?
  • Hybrid Prius or Escalade with gold rims?
  • What's the worst way you've ever dumped or been dumped by someone?
You can also view the answers others give on each prompt, which is wonderful for inspiration for a character.

Update: the newer posts give a much better idea of its eclectic nature:
  • You have to give away a million dollars. How?
  • Name a children's book that makes you nostalgic.
  • Give us your unreasonable demands.
  • What will you do when the zombies come?

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