Friday, April 24, 2009

Pick Two Numbers

Romans 8:35,37
Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. (NIV)

The following was taken from The Playful Way to Serious Writing by Roberta Allen:

Pick two numbers from 1 to 20. Then, scroll down to find the words that correspond to your chosen numbers and combine them in a piece. Set your timer for five minutes and go.

1. Jog
2. Job
3. Lethargy
4. Levelheaded
5. Lung
6. Luna Moth
7. Neutron
8. Neuter
9. Nag
10. Picnic
11. Possible
12. Ribbon
13. Riding
14. Scream
15. Saddle
16. Sink
17. Skidding
18. Toy
19. Snob
20. Sullen

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