Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Writing Hodge Podge

Writing Contests:
For guidelines on evaluating contests and to determine if a contest is legitimate, go to: www.sfwa.org/beware/contests.html.

The 2009 Christian Writers' Market Guide has an incredibly long list of contests in just about every genre. If you are interested in entering a contest, please let me know what genre and I will be happy to e-mail you a list.

THE WRITER’S EDGE, PO Box 1266, Wheaton IL 60187. E-mail: info@writersedgeservice.com. Website: www.WritersEdgeService.com. No phone calls. A manuscript screening service for 90 cooperating Christian publishers. Charges $95 to evaluate a book proposal and if publishable, they will send a synopsis of it to 90 publishers who might be interested. If not publishable they will tell how to improve it. If interested, send an SASE for guidelines and a Book Information Form; request a form via e-mail or copy from Website. The Writer’s Edge now handles previously published books, including self-published books or those that are out of print and available for reprint. Requires a different form, but cost is the same. Reviews novels, nonfiction books, juvenile novels, Bible studies, devotionals, biography, and theology, but no poetry. See Website for details.
I am planning to try this once "Letters to Edward" is finished.

Questions for Discussion:
What does your writing life look like? Where do you write? When? What inspires you?


Mike said...

Interesting. I never would have thought of a writing contest being a scam. But I guess for every good desire in a person's heart, there's another person out there who's determined to make money off of it.

Mike said...

I just realized I didn't answer your question on inspiration. At this point, my writing life is at a standstill. Part of it is that I'm out of my morning routine and haven't forced myself back into it, and part of it is I don't like how Scene 10 is playing out. I'm wondering if it's even necessary at all. What I need to do is push through the scene and get it done, then let you guys worry about what to do with it.

It's weird; at this point I don't feel particularly inspired by anything. Well, that's not true. I've had ideas on which to write, but they're for blog entries, not my novel.

Why, then, are there no new blog entries, you may ask? Hopefully that will all change over the next day or so.